Who we are?


In the early of 2000's our director, Mr. Sandro Trigo bet on a promising segment, plastics. With the help of his family and friends he already worked with buy and sell of plastic that was waste from major automakers. With ward work, dedication and effort, after nearly six years was able to manage and transform the company into a solid company with a lot of credibility with vendors and satisfaction with its customers.

And the journey dos not stop there, now almost 10 years after, held a company of your dreams, a fully planned headquarter. In an area of approximately 2.500m, Novatrigo now has an appropriate structure to meet with total quality to all its custumers.

Mission, Vision and Values.

Image 1Working offering quality services, innovative solutions, the best products and skilled professionals to satisfy our customers.
Image 2Consolidate the work and efforts of a mission-based values ​​to be a specialized company.
Image 3• Responsibility
• Ethic
• Professionalism

"Hello Quality"

Innovation is one of the advantages of our company, wich is why we offer this area for you to get your technical questions about our materials in just one click.